We can’t survive on candy: some good yoga advice.

Image via Flickr: Juushika Redgrave

I’ve been listening to this great song lately from Gavin DeGraw‘s new album. Not only is it catchy, but there is one line in particular that sticks in my mind. “We can’t survive on candy”, sings Gavin. How appropriate a reminder for this time of year, with Halloween candy at what seems like every corner.  It may seem like common sense, but you had to learn it from somewhere. I bet your parents spent some time when you were little trying to explain that candy isn’t good for you, and that you shouldn’t eat it all the time. I know mine did. In fact, maybe you’ve spent some time recently trying to explain it to your own kids. Why? Because it doesn’t provide the nutrients that a body needs to survive and be healthy. As an adult I’m sure you know this. But do you really listen to your own advice?

I’m going to guess that you probably don’t eat candy for breakfast, or most other meals. Good for you. Candy isn’t nourishing for your body, so it should remain an occasional treat. But what do you eat for breakfast? Something from the earth, or something from a factory? How far is what you’re eating really removed from candy? It’s not really about chocolate bars and gummi bears here; the point is that we can’t survive on what doesn’t nourish us. This includes not only what we eat, but how we live our lives. Are you surviving on stress? On television? On the promise of more money, or things? Are you choosing your yoga practice based on what will nourish you, or what will make you look good?

We can’t survive on what doesn’t nourish us. Your body needs rest and rejuvenation and a break from stressful ways, just as it needs vitamins and nutrients from food to not only survive, but thrive. Your mind needs time to rest and clear away the to-do lists and worries each day. And your heart needs time to connect with others who are important to you. So take a moment and examine your life; are you making time for nourishment? Or are you trying to survive on candy?