Return of the Yogi

I have returned to my mat.

Well actually, I never left my mat. I’ve been on it, I just haven’t been present. But yoga takes place not only in our bodies but in our minds too, and mine hasn’t been on the mat much lately. This past month or two, I’ve been thinking mostly about how to keep my food down, as I experience intense morning sickness and the tiredness that comes along with the first trimester of pregnancy. An important distraction, indeed.

Yoga, of course, doesn’t care if you are pregnant or feel as though an evil elf has taken over your insides. It’s there for you, no matter what you’re going through. And so I say thank you my dear mat. Thank you for being there for me even when my mind has been elsewhere. Thank you for allowing me to feel normal again, even just for 15 minutes at a time. And thank you for not judging my inability to get through a vinyasa without child’s pose lately.

I have returned to my mat. And really, no matter what else is going on around me and inside of me, or what my practice looks like now, isn’t that the most important part? I think so.


One response to “Return of the Yogi

  1. Hey Allison,
    Thank you for continuing to instruct us so well despite the current changes your body is going through! Tuesdays’ session was awesome, – I noticed that I achieved a pattern of breathing that was calmer and more rhythmic that I have ever experienced in Yoga before. We hear all the time that Yoga is an ‘art’, but I am becoming more awake through personal experience guided by you that this concept is so true! No doubt Yoga requires persistence and focus for me to get the most out of it.
    Personally, having moving across the world and uprooting my old life feels kinda crazy some days, so I really appreciate being able to practice with your instruction here on the Coast, because it is really helping to settle and ‘ground’ me here and be present and awake to it all. The tendency for my mind to drift off during a session is still a constant battle, but an important one that I am up for challenging! Cheers mate.

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